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Dr. Elizabeth Weir
14 October 1970
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Six Word Stories

AU, Set three months Post-Season 5's "Ghost in the Machine". Frozen in space, time passed differently to her, while her orbit decayed. She was among the few to survive entry into the small planet's atmosphere, but the constructed body was severely damaged. Her memory from then is foggy, but she can recall one of the more advanced races she had encountered before, arriving and taking her on-board a ship.

After that, she remembers only waking up in a small village on a planet friendly with Atlantis, in her own body once more. It's yet to be seen how or why it was done, and what dormant plans might be in store for her.

Tabula Rasa


Elizabeth Weir stands no taller than average, but in a crowd of women, she would seem to stand taller than almost any other, purely by presence. She is compact and worn, but mobile and quick when necessary. She wears her dark auburn hair cropped professionally short, but recently has grown it out to her shoulders as she settled into her job. She possesses hazel eyes, and commonly wears a serious expression.

She arrives on the island from the end of Stargate Atlantis' season 4, episode 2, Lifeline


* 1 White ankle length silk dress, with brown shoulder patches woven in, and a matching brace wrapping around her lower-torso.
* 1 Pair tan soft leather boots

Disclaimer: This journal is for RP only, specifically at the_blank_slate, I own neither Elizabeth Weir nor Torri Higginson.

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